We are an alliance of mutants: investors, community builders, platform makers and content producers. Our diversity offers a unique multi-angles perspective. Our common ambition: make you succeed worldwide.

About us


We are not just a team. We are a team of teams. Incredible people all around the world are committed to helping you succeed. You came for daphni, you get the whole daphnipolis, our community of game changers. They will become your secret superpower!

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We’ve built a digital platform to make us more effective, collaborative & transparent in our investment process. It connects your startup with our community from the moment you apply.

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The founders we support are building products that can change the way we all live. Curious on what the future might look like? Check it out right here!

Investment Thesis

An investment strategy is more than defining the perimeter of a playground or rules for investments.It is to make sure that the best founders with the best projects will cross our path.


We learn every single day, in big part by meeting great entrepreneurs. We want to share our discoveries.