Why we invested

The hip hop consuming market is currently the most popular online genre in the US and on a global scale. The genre is known for being the avant-garde of other music genres, based on beat making. Streamlining platforms, such as Spotify, are trying to offer direct to consumer offers to independent artists, but are not able to offer a full experience. Labels, on the other side, are trying to access new hip hop artists, but are struggling to do so as they are unable to offer a link to the community or give any street credibility. Keakr has an attractive offer for hip hop artists and is on its way to become the gateway label between these and more classic distributing and publishing players. The company is tackling this market, by offering a fully covering 360° offer with community links, events, social media, producing and publishing. The idea of the app was born out of the repeated observation of artists’ lack of control over their work - especially with regards to distribution channels.