Holberton School


Why we invested

Unfortunately, high quality education doesn't scale. The Ivy League Universities make a good example. These universities are very difficult to replicate due to the high complexity in attracting top professors and due to difficulties in bootstrapping the development of a great alumni network and opening new locations. On top of this, the cost of education is rising globally, excluding big groups from accessing it. Projections estimate that 1.4M tech jobs will be opened in the United States by 2025, leading to many opportunities for coding schools. Holberton fits right into this equation, by offering full stack software engineering training, paid for once the student has a job. Not only is this offering highly relevant for the current working environment, but the concept is also highly scalable. In contrast to the traditional education system, Holberton uses peer learning and project based education, being driven by software. Not only is Holberton a perfect fit for the Daphni DNA as they disrupt education as we know it today, but they also successfully manage to attract minorities and women to a very homogenous environment. Holberton has excelled, by demonstrating that their students are recruited by the best tech companies in Silicon Valley, such as Tesla, Apple, Dropbox and LinkedIn.