Why we invested

Needless to say, the global food industry is massive and different trends have affected the industry over the years. The way of consuming food has changed dramatically over the years, with an increasing number of people eating out on a regular basis and delivery companies successfully managing to change the experience of eating at home. On top of this, customers are demanding higher quality, locally produced, as well as more organic, vegetarian and vegan food. Even though the market, currently being controlled by very few players, is under enormous pressure to evolve and food transformation is becoming a hot topic, little innovation has taken place, leading to customers finding it difficult to eat what they desire. We believe that the industry needs to go beyond ordering, but go hand in hand with customer demands, by making it easier for people to cook healthy food in a convenient way and to buy ready-to-eat meals, living up to the expectations of the future customer. Beendhi tackles this issue by sourcing seasonal ingredients, using smart production processes and helping customers to eat healthy, without compromising on time and price. The company is well positioned as the opportunities are multiple, being everything from increasing online sales, launching shop-in-shop retail stores and drive product personalization through data analysis.